#1 Convoluted journey of a dancer: My dance goals

Slowly more people in my life are getting to know that I love to dance salsa.
You think it’s some frivolous thing?!
You’re WRONG!
As in dance, in life. Dancing brings up many personal issues for me. Hopefully reaching these goals in dance will expand through my whole life.

Change the tune of my internal world
Last time i got a lot of feedback from my instructor about openness & embracing towards your partner. Of course it wasn’t in those professional words it was in the poking fun at me every time he could feel I was secretly thinking, “i don’t want to dance with you” or “please don’t do *that* move!”
Turns out it’s not so secret!
He is very perceptive at reading the anxieties in my body language. And them being so often present means maybe that’s all he gets from me. They are a mixed muddle of: I’m so big I’m not used to taking up all this space on the floor. People are looking at me. I don’t want this to be any more than a dance.
These are all damaging my dance connection!

He has showed me that my dance partner may intuitively pick up on what’s going on inside, it shows in my body, my attitude and my energy. Is this why I am sitting out more dances than i’d like to every social? My energy, my aura? O_o Didn’t except salsa to bring about this new age language… 😛

I have to be aware of what I’m feeling and to think: “I want to dance with you” “I’m going to make you want to dance with me”.

He also kept saying to open my chest. And his favourite expression: “Titties to the wind”.
Physically speaking my chest is closed because my pecs are tight because my hobbies include hunching over a sewing machine, piano, drawing, reading.
But also this kind of posture comes back to confidence, and wanting to withdraw from the world. Both these as well as being open towards other people and embracing them, have been life long battles for me.
So I guess it’s fair to expect progress to be slow.

Also at this lesson, which was a few months ago, I took a video of us dancing… But that’s enough psychoanalysis for now 😛


About cornstalk
Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

2 Responses to #1 Convoluted journey of a dancer: My dance goals

  1. Rebecca says:

    You need a salsa persona. Give her a sexy Latin name and decide on the perfect personality traits of a great salsa dancer. Then become that person when you dance. Play the role. You’ll be the right size, have loads of confidence, you’ll be the person everyone else can’t wait to dance with – because that’s what she is. Totally commit to the role.
    Then once the dance is over, you can go back to being Corn. Nobody will ever have to know it’s not really you!

    • cornstalk says:

      Haha D Fake it till you make it huh? I’m never sure how comfortable I am with that, how sincere is a persona? Shouldn’t it come from within yourself rather than playing a role. Or maybe I am overthinking it and the concept is just to encourage yourself out of the habitual ways you usually act and explore undiscovered aspects of yourself.
      Confidence is very difficult to fake though.

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