Painting tulips

I work point 5…

“Oh yes where else do you work/study?”

I DON’T! Nothing!
I’m a bum!
Well. I actually do lots of things. But everyone (who i have to make small talk with) assumes that i must have another job or be studying. And i reiterate, no i do not want to try and pick up extra shifts.

With more days off than on, what do i do they ask incredulously. Well. A few hours a day I’ve been practicing up my long lost repertoire in the hope of playing at the Launceston Easter Community Festival. And now i’ve just been asked to play & sing at a local market this week! Wooo.

I’m also discovering that being an artist isn’t all like i’ve romanticised it up to be. This is a piece of half finished crap from two years ago that i actually felt proud of (past tense…). Now a church is seeking donations for a fundraising silent auction – perfect motivation to finish it!
However, after 4 hours of fiddling my painting went from this…


To this.


Pretty damn similar!

Although unfinished, I feel it screams ‘beginner’ so i will have to submit it as Anon. lol.
Inevitably will end up stalking the stall to see if the bidding goes above the cost of the bulk buy plastic brushes i used to paint it.

I’m learning everything the hard way. Why the heck did i not paint the background in first?!
Do i start with highlights or darker areas. Why is it so hard to blend smoothly.
Time to mix more paint. Impossible to create the same shade of purple!
Shade all the leaves only to stand back and find they’ve become ugly dominant masses of green. Lets just start again….but all that work, all those hours, wasted! Continue painting over and over, layers and layers.
Get carried away with detail then remember it’s meant to be more impressionistic not botanical…

Plus a hundred other things i’m not even aware of yet. One my teacher pointed out, the grey shading in the white tulips should be mixed up with a touch of green as the tulips will reflect the colours around them. He could actually see that i accidentally smushed some blue in there and just stirred it up into the grey. Thought it wouldn’t matter cuz grey is like..grey, right? Apparently not.

Thankfully for my ego I can legitimately blame some of my struggle on the tools – my mums 20 year old folk art paints. My art teacher politely tried to hide his horror upon picking up the cerulean blue, no amount of squeezing could force that clogged pigment out of the tube. I awkwardly try n hide behind my canvas while the rest of the class pretend not to notice and he hints that Philcam art supplies offer a discount to his students.

Doing this has given me a greater appreciation for the hard work of artists, and reminded me to think about what i’m setting out to create, what is the overall look, feel and message to be and how will i mix my colours and draw lines and shapes to express this. Because at the end of the day there must be a bazillion paintings of tulips in the world. So what is this particular one adding?


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