Sewing dresses

I entered a Spring sewing competition! Didn’t win. Eve won.
But i was, “One of 4 people who could’ve won” and, “Oh we had such a hard time deciding!”. So one of four could be anything, i like to say i came second 😀
Fabric: The most beautiful thing i’ve seen. “Blue Edera” an Italian designer silk chiffon $59 per metre, there’s only 5 metres left in the whole WORLD and it’s right here in Launnies Ruche fabric store..
Spring dress




















Finally got a chance to wear my Cinderella dress out of the house, at a local Recycled Fashion show.
I altered a charmingly puffy sleeved 80’s wedding gown pattern and gave fabric from the op shop a new life.
Practicing my curtsey in the kitchen.
On stage after i blow a kiss, the MC: “Maybe her prince charming is out there tonight”





















The Jane Austen Festival Australia – yes there is such a thing!
I went because i love costume, dancing, sewing and reading.
Everybody else went because they were crazy (adj. mentally strange, nutty as fruitcake, out of ones tree) about Austen.
Thus i felt a fraud – just quietly I had to push myself to read Mansfield Park seeing as it was the theme for 2014, and silently confess some relief when it was due back at the LINC at only 6 chapters in.
Everyone else was reciting quotes like normal conversation so i tried to laugh along at the appropriate moments while hiding my abysmal hand sewing. “What stitch are you doin there dear?” Oh..a fusion of traditional and uhhh improvising.
My favourite part was the Symposium where learned scholars made analogies with Jane Eyre one of my favourite books.

I came away with a great sense of how precious clothing must have been, seeing as it took me an hour to handsew a 5cm line. I wish we had some of that same value for clothing now.

Which bed  belongs to me?



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