Does God love introverts? An Evangelical’s dilemma.

Quiet. The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. By Susan Cain.

She talks to an introverted pastor (from Saddleback church…) about what it’s like to survive in an evangelical setting as a “quiet cerebral type”.
The emphasis on community and participation creates a tension for introverts who can feel that god doesn’t like them because every moment spent alone or every group/program not joined is wasted opportunity for connection with others.

The lack of space for contemplation, ritual, quiet, liturgy.

The outward enthusiasm and passion that seems part and parcel of the church culture can be unnatural to introverts, which may lead them to start questioning their experience of god, is their faith really as strong as those who seem to look the part?

The expectation that to worship from the heart isn’t enough, it has to be displayed publicly.

It was great to read about others struggling with this inner conflict. And so helpful to have some more context as I’ve always felt it was just me who doesn’t fit in, but now I can see more of the bigger picture.


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