The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

Quiet. The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking. By Susan Cain.
Been waiting for this book for hundreds of days at the library (too stingy to buy, ha!) At 271 pages long i’ll have to wait more hundreds of days as I won’t read it all in 2 weeks =\

1. It begins with how extroversion became the cultural ideal, how the values of our society from the 20’s through till now favour extroversion.

2. “The myth of charismatic leadership.” What makes a good leader? The writer spends pages on her time interviewing students at Harvard Business School as many graduates become significant political, economic or business leaders. It’s really interesting learning about the culture and expectations, the amount of team work and extra curricular requirements. She then goes on to research studies done on different leaders, like extroverted or introverted CEOs and the success of their business.

At first I was a little disappointed to read the author is not a psychologist/in the mental health field but I can see already that as a journalist (and lawyer) she has done heaps of research studies as well as done her own interviews.


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2 Responses to The power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking

  1. andrensairr says:

    That’s fascinating. Does she explain what triggered the cultural shift in the 20s? I’m inclined to think that with the changing ideals of leadership style in contemporary literature to favour networking and teamwork, this won’t change any time soon. It would be interesting to read of any great leaders that were introverts.

    • cornstalk says:

      It is super interesting. I can’t really remember it was a lot of general information, i was skim reading. I have to wait 100+ days to read more! Yeah i can’t imagine it changing soon either. But she denounced some myths about teamwork and open office spaces so maybe with more research and awareness change will slowly come about.

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