Book group #2

Everything must change #2
This chapter revisits the essential message of Jesus and how it’s been distorted, like when he was growing up the message was often:

You are a sinner and you are going to hell. You need to repent and believe in Jesus. Jesus might come back today, and if he does and you are not ready, you will burn forever in hell.

While i know my parents could relate to this, i personally can’t which shows that the message is already changing. Mclaren brings the focus of the message of the kingdom, onto doing God’s will on earth, God’s justice and peace replacing earth’s injustice and disharmony.

One discussion question: Describe the kingdom of God.

It’s about transforming the here and now, restoration with humanity and the earth and god, wholeness. Not some place we might go after death.
The rapture is used as an excuse to not care about the earth. ie. what’s the point when the world is destined to end anyway? How greatly has this christian thinking contributed to the earths chaos. Shouldn’t we be at the forefront of treasuring the earth?
Has destruction of the earth always existed as an innate part of the human race? Is it possible to live in complete harmony with the earth?

Hm..more questions arise than answers lol =\


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