Travelling your road to joy – thomas merton

I found this book online. It has been put together by the institute for contemplative living and uses writings from Merton and others.

Thomas Merton 1915-1968, a catholic author and monk wrote many books on spiritual life, interreligious understanding, peace and social justice. He has offered insights into relationships with the self, God, others and creation.

This is book 5 in a series designed for small groups. It begins with scripture and then readings:

From Merton
Joy is not a reward for our practice but a gift.
It is not a state, but a way to respond through all things with gratitude. He talks about living in the present moment – this time is given to me by god that i may live in it.
Glorify god by accepting his gift and his work.

From Jean Pierre De Caussade
God speaks to us today just as he did before there were spiritual directors or systems of spirituality. To be faithful to god comprised the whole of ones life. Religious devotion wasn’t a science crammed with detailed instructions. Take what is offered to us by god, have a ready acceptance of all that comes to us at each moment of our lives.


What part of the reading resonates with your life?
This time is given to me by god that i may live in it. This sentence gives me a sense of purpose.
It reminds me to broaden my perspective on life and not compartmentalise my spirituality.

Who brings you joy?
Friends, family, dancing, playing piano, singing, drawing, creating things.
This has helped me see there is a lot of joy in my life!

It concludes with a meditation.


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