Not much competition

I am now $20 richer!
Thanks to the launceston competitions. I sung in the open section. And wasn’t it aaaaall worth it for that cash prize? lol the hours of practice, the shaking with nerves and the several nerve induced trips to the toilet…
Perhaps not the money, but the high was worth it.
I got a lot of cold feet in the weeks prior, my last singing competition i got only %75 because it wasn’t a “confident performance”.

This time, as soon as i walked backstage ( i say back stage it’s more of a carpeted room with old ladies ticking your name off their list while sipping tea) my heart dropped, there were women in dresses! And men in suits bouncing around, greeting other competitors like old friends. Everyone looked shiny and glamorous and there’s me in my cardi. And black pants which haven’t been outta my cupboard in a year (only girl in trousers!). While getting ready i thought, ‘i better put mascara on so i don’t look washed out’. lol. I underestimated a little!

My heart has not thumped so hugely in my chest before!
I realise i don’t know where to put my hands while i take my awkward bow. And stand in the spotlight like a stunned chicken until my accompanist is ready. I start, and as i lift my hand out in a convincing gesture of somewhere…that somewhere over the rainbow, i can feel it shaking, and then i’m thinking about my hand and what the audience thinks of my hand! so i try to think about the song. I sing meaningfully at the empty chairs (much easier to look at than peoples faces in such a small setting).

It was a bit pitchy. I didn’t bellow the climax out like i know i can. But overall ok.
Mostly I did it to get some feedback from a musical person and because i haven’t performed anywhere for ages.
Interestingly he said i had a young classical voice, which therefore didn’t suit the Eva Cassidy song i chose, but i could sing that style if i wanted too. And because of my interpretation and conviction and not doing a mere copy cover i get 82% and 1st place!
And $20!
My singing teacher was thrilled, saying those were the best comments she’d heard from him all week! Most people were told they need to connect with the song and communicate that. So that made me feel a lot better, being the only competitor in my section.


About cornstalk
Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

2 Responses to Not much competition

  1. andrensairr says:

    Well done 🙂 Your writing reminded me of the many long days I’ve spent at the Eisteddfod competitions, nerves, empty seats and all.

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