Enough happiness

Society is built on our weakensses. We want more and we want better, and society feeds and encourages this. If we’re happy, we wouldn’t bother going to the hairdressor for new hair styles, retail therapy wouldn’t exist, the self help industry would not be so huge – why not just accept yourself? Our culture is driven by consumerism. We are fooled into thinking that more more more will bring us happiness. If we choose to be content we can break the continuous cycle of always wanting more yet rarely feeling the happiness we desire.
I’m not sure if content and happy are the same. But it sounds better than constant unfulfillment broken by short temporary highs of retail therapy etc.

He also points out that without allowing ourselves to feel sadness and discontentment, we wouldn’t be driven to change. I think this can be true but not everyone has the power/resilience/experience to choose to change from their place of sadness. And i think positive forces can inspire us to change also.

Australia is the second most happy country in the world, measured using income, education, health, life expectancy, economy, gender equality and sustainability. Norway was first.

Again this chapter makes the point that our excessive ways of life and our desperate attempts to achieve happiness are killing ourselves and the planet. He again suggests the answer is self limitation. Sounds like common sense, but he has padded it out with heaps of stats, data, interesting facts to make his points.

Overall i found it a good wake up call, if a little condeming (i wish it didnt leave me feeling he has such distaste for humans), and a good reminder to try and live deliberately, which can be pretty inconvenient because of how society is set up.


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