The Honourable Julia Gillard

The Honourable Julia Gillard
P.O. Locked bag 14
Victoria 3030 

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to express my horror at the sexual slavery, imprisonment, degradation and heinous crimes committed against innocent young Asian women in our country in brothels both in Melbourne and Sydney, as reported by Four Corners Monday October 10 on the ABC.

I am appalled that the Madam of one of these brothels has been issued a licence and has opened yet another brothel despite her activities being known to both federal and state police.

I am deeply shocked that the man behind this horrendous crime, “Kevin”, is still walking free and destroying the lives of innocent young women.

I ask what has happened to our “just” nation, what have we become that we have stooped to this low place, where we fail to impose penalty for these criminal actions – shame on this our so called free country!

Why does our government and police force have no system in place to stop these abominable behaviours. Shame on our so called kept system!!

Why has this great evil been allowed to take root and flourish in our nation?

I am deeply shamed to be called the lucky country. I call on you Julia Gillard as a woman, to make this a top priority, put and end immediately to this great injustice and lead the way internationally making our nation a safe place for all women.

 Awaiting your early response.

 Yours sincerely,



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