Enough #2

Enough food.

More stories, research experiments and even hamlet are quoted in this chapter. A similar theme exsists, that our brains are so wired to survive against famine that we must eat all we can, and then some more just in case there’s not enough later. He offered some ways to help eat enough.

Savouring. Being distracted duing a meal makes us more likely to overeat, and we miss out on the full spectrum of tastes.
Dine in smaller places. A busy atmosphere doesn’t help the above, and noise can make us eat quicker.
Routine mealtimes train our brain out of thinking about food all day.
Get more daylight. Especially if you get seasonal affective disorder. During winter our hunger increases and our activity decreases.
The sight and smell of food stimulates our desire to eat, clear up the ktichen.
Try using smaller cutlery, you get smaller protions but your brain is tricked into thinking you’ve eaten more than you have.


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