I just listened to Scott Hawkins, a member of Compassion.
He spoke about a lady in India, whose family had to sacrifice everything to get her a ‘good’ husband. When she later had a baby girl to him, her husband and his family beat her, they raped her with a stick and poured kerosene over her and set her alight.
Why? Because women are useless. They are but a sparrow, good only for eating.
Women are so low that families have to pay a man to become her husband.

I sit here in my comfortable home, feeling bound by insecurities, sometimes wishing for another life. She is bound by chains, unable to leave her room because she birthed a daughter. And daughters are sub-human.

I have freedom. Self expression. Opinion. She is oppressed. She is trodden upon. She is abused.
Because she is a woman.
She bears injustice. She takes the blame. She is the scapegoat, the innocent suffers the punishment….because she is a woman. Because she is a woman she is sub-human.

Where is the humanity? The love? Moral conscience?
How can you let this happen God?
How can I.
Jesus died to set the oppressed free, why are they still suffering, two thousand years later.

Hear their cry, their pain, their torture, have mercy Lord. Reach out to them in their desperation. Be their saviour, bring them justice and freedom. Give to them what is rightfully theirs, that which has been stripped from them. Cry over them with mercy and compassion, help them. Rise up the church in india and make their presence known. Grow the church, pastors, the compassion reps the volunteers, protect them, to allow your work to be done. Allow them to speak for those who are silenced. Reach out through their hands. Fulfill your promise in the cross, bring justice bring freedom. Let love win, let love take over. Take these women and turn them around, unite them, rise them up as equals, as worthy, and give them a place in India. Rebuke this force of evil oppression and reverse it, strengthen the women. Heal them. Teach them and their daughters of their true worth. Show them they belong to the kingdom. Let the voices of the women be heard. No longer squashed. No longer sparrows. No longer unclean. Transform the women of India.


About cornstalk
Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

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