Worship myths 2

Some more things that stood out to me from Danis’ sermon on worship myths..largely in my own words! So sorry Dani if i misunderstood/misrepresent you…lol =\

“We were created to worship.”

Where is that in the bible? Nowhere. But Genesis says god created us in his image. It doesn’t say that we were created to do this or do that. God doesn’t need our worship, He is bigger than that. God wants our relationship.
Our response to that is worship.

“Worship in spirit and in truth.”

A popular phrase. Coined by Jesus. They are the kind of worshippers God seeks (John 4:23).
It describes our freedom to worship god regardless of location, style or method. In saying this, Jesus takes the emphasis off where we worship and puts it onto how, it’s no longer about the physical side ie. going to a temple, rituals, animal sacrifices.

The TNIV bible reads, “We must worship in Spirit.”
Capital S. God is the Spirit. Worshipping in Spirit is about God.
It’s often understood to mean that we should have a ‘spiritual experience’ when we worship but it’s not meant to be some intangible, mysterious experience, not a result of something we are doing or by-product of us finding the right thing inside us to worship ‘properly’.
Besides, we can find or buy a spiritual experience anytime in this world.
Yes it involves our spirit, the part of us made in the likeness of god, the spirit of god that lives in us. And spirit is mysterious and it is intangible but worship isn’t meant to be soley about that kind of experience, eg speaking in tongues or being slain in the spirit. Some people respond with those physical expressions but not all.
It’s about engaging consciously with God and responding with sincerity. Authenticity not just lip service. It’s no longer about worshipping outwardly through rituals, or by attaching god to certain places, but how the new covenant means we have the spirit of god in us and this is what we worship with.

We can be sincere about anything but does that make it truthful worship? Whatever you do that is sincere but also grounded in/directed by the Word is worship. Truest spiritual experiences can be found in sincerity, honesty, faithfulness.
The bible isn’t prescriptive on what we should do. Looking out for the poor, serving him, dancing, giving thanks, reading psalms, singing, offering our bodies as living sacrifices, all are worship. There isn’t just one way, god is a versatile god.

Things that hit me were that i really value sincerity. and that it can be worship!
And i realised i’ve understood worshipping in spirit to be a result or byproduct of ‘doing it right’, as though it’s only something that happens to those who find the good christian formula, and that it looks like this: sitting in the front pews waving your hands murmuring in tongues (not saying that doing that is not true worship, but it’s about being true to yourself and god).
And it also says that singing can be worship, and there’s nothing wrong with that. So why have i stopped doing it?


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