Worship myths

Some myths about worship, from Danis’ sermon a while ago.

“Worship is a lifestyle.” (Too) Often quoted by church musicians, this reminds us there is more to worship than singing, and we should worship wherever we are, throughout our daily lives.

But…this isn’t honest enough. Doesn’t convey the reality of our condition.  We have darkness in our lives. We make choices, we sin, and it can prevent us from worshipping god as a lifestyle.
It has become an overused cliché. We agree with the idea. But it’s so easy to leave it behind when it suits us, when we make poor choices.
Also it’s overwhelming; physically impossible/impractical to do 24/7.
Worship’s not all about a feeling. The OT shows us worship is practical. Highlighted link between work and worship. Working is serving. To serve others and to serve god, is worship. Gods asks us to care for and serve the poor/outcasts repeatedly in the bible.

Already this has broadened my understanding of worship. I like that it acknowledges that nobody can live up to a truly perfect lifestyle of worship. And while that’s not Gods’ ideal, i think it’s better to say that out loud, than to have everyone being silent hypocrites.

And it’s not really a myth, worship *is* about the things you do in your life, outside of the sunday church service. It’s more the fact that it’s overused (although anything overused is going to become meaningless) and the language. “Lifestyle” has a kind of positive twinge on it, really it’s about sacrifice, and losing your life….but of course the point of language is to effectively communicate and it’s easier to say “lifestyle” than to embark on a longwinded description like that.


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