Alum cliffs

Mum and i went on a day trip a while ago. Through Sheffeild

Then we drove through Paradise! hehe, where mums grandma used to live, and through the Gog ranges. Just past Mole Creek we stopped to climb the Alum cliffs, which i have poorly photographed for you. The sun was in the way!

They were definately worth it, i haven’t seen anything so breathtaking in ages.


I chose this one because it said 45 minute board walk, suitable for the disabled and the elderly. Figured we’d be alright on this one. :p
And this is what dad packed us for the journey….yes i said 45 minutes!


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Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

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