USA Day 1

August 22, 2010

The car trip to the airport with my parents was almost torturous as their worry was infectious and words of advice plentiful! permissible i guess, being their youngest daughters first overseas trip. I recall a constant and very repetitive stream of conversation about us finding our way to terminal 3 in the LA airport to catch our connecting flight in dad had even googled it to try to find directions.

I remember flying into LA thinking how brown and jaggered the landscape was. The best bit about the 13 hours flight was the huge selection of music! The worst bit was waking up and finding i’d dribbled on my shirt =\ lol. The duty-free was disappointingly expensive so i settled for a cheap camera, which i didn’t set up until the second day of the trip. This means that i have only memories of our first day (which we spent on Alcatraz!) and zero photos lol.

We indeed found terminal 3 and made it safely to San Fransisco. The shuttle bus ride to our hotel was the first experience of over friendly americans, far too willing to give their opinions and advice for my liking. lol.

Walking into the entrance of the Handlery union square hotel i though, “Wow 3 star is really good over here!” But then you get into the tiny lift which squeaks and chundles its way up, and walk into the stained carpeted hallway to find your room has a lovely view of brick wall. There we met our friends who had been in the USA for 2 weeks already, it was great to see familiar faces.

Alcatraz from a distance!

The first morning we had a full American Breakfast…eggs, bacon and hash browns which really means roast potatoes. Then we went to Fishermans wharf, which was gorgeous but touristy. We caught a cable car which was packed with people hanging off the sides and the controller dude screaming every 10 seconds, TAKE OFF your BACKPACKS! And, THOSE who have NOT PAID 5 dollars please!

Then we did a double decker city tour with cuuuuute tour guide.
Every few blocks there were homeless people, some of them were rather creative, one guy had a sign that said, ‘why lie, i need a beer’…another guy was playing drums, which he had made out of milo tins standing on buckets – it sounded great!

Alcatraz was amazing, i wish we could’ve spent all day there.


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