Would you like a stalker with your tupperware?

I love a bargain. Especially at a good garage sale…even if the piles of old and slightly stained linen give off a musty smell  – the tupperware is like 20c!
However, at my latest garage sale, i got a little more than i bargained for 😐
I load up on my plastic containers, go and check out the shoe section…occasionally there is a good pair to be found amongst the dusty surf sandals and bobbly old slippers.

you wore them once too, admit it :p

And while i’m perusing the piles of books, this older guy checks me out (older here meaning: starting to go grey but trying to make up for it by using copious amounts of hair gel to get the hip spiky look) it’s not like a subtle once over, it’s like a protuberant eyed stare bear in slow motion. =| I move away and pretend to look at the garden tools. Soon enough i totally forget about him when i find one of those tacky but awesome portable dress racks that convince you that you really will save space and have a neater room for it. And only $2!

As i was walking back home up the hill  in a bubble of elation over said purchases, the same dude follows me and starts some awkward small talk. I really hope his is one of the cars parked on the roadside, but he is soon to inform me (unasked for mind you) that he lives at the top of thistle street, and where do i live? O_O
I try the vague tactic…”Ohh..around here”. Then i throw in a cheery “SEEYA!” as i turn into my street…alas he follows! saying he is visiting a friend who also lives in this street… smooth…lol. And then BAM “Fancy havin dinner wimme sometime aye?
No..no thankyou..no.
Why not? Ya married? Got a boyfriend?
Got a phone number? (What just in case i fancy you for a little fun on the side?)
Oh..nice to meet ya might seeya round…and scurries off into the delightful apartment block opposite my house which is rather unfortunate as i don’t want him to see where i live. What was i supposed to do at 8am in the launceston suburbs laden with cheap goods and wheeling my new portable wardrobe which is almost as tall as i am! So feeling rather silly and conspicuous i circled the block and tired to surreptitiously sneak into my house..and spent the rest of the day with the blinds drawn and only leaving the house with my hoodie on.


About cornstalk
Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

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