Today proved the depths of my shallowness…

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

  • *sigh*

    I signed up for greenpeace…for a gorgeous guy. lol.

    I thought, surely this charming smile is not meant for me, as this cute fellow catches me up while i’m walking alone around town in the drizzling rain. My first rection was that he has mistaken me for someone he knows. And initially i thought maybe i’m supposed to know him, so i act friendly. Then i see the thick folder he holds in his fingerless gloved hands.

    The first thing he says is oh i see you’ve bought yourself a nice new pair of leather gloves. To which i laugh…but i don’t think he was joking. Looking back i so wish i could’ve come up with some witticism like, i see you’re wearing converses made by underpaid workers in developing countries. Ha! Which he was. Unless of course he got them from the oxfam shop. But they never look quite the same from

    While he yaps away about the…ocean and…stuff i get distracted by his overgrown whiskers and flicks of hair poking out under his woollen beanie. Skinny jeans, converse shoes, alternative layers on top. Why do they *always* look like this? And he cares about the animals and the forrests. Oh yes. The whales, tortises, tuna, chimpanzee…  Honestly when he was talking about the tuna being threatened he paused at the end of his speel and i’m like, oh this is where i’m supposed to show my horrified reaction. But my reaction time was too slow. lol So he kept talking.

    Must’ve picked up on my blank stares when he asked things like, do you know about the turtle shoobie blah da..etc. because he soon went down the make friendly banter line. What do you do, what’re you up too today, want some chewing gum, tells me he’s from freemantle, asks my faveourite shakespeare play, i say macbeth because it’s the only one i know. lol. I am *so* glad i didn’t say, the crucible. lol! I had already displayed my amazing ignorance enough by not knowing much about the whaling in japan, the nike situation, the nestle using rainforests, pretty much everything he told me was new information.

    During this time i’m thinking, how can i get out of this? I can’t really say i can’t afford it, or i’m already joined up to an environmentally friendly organisation. Perhaps i’ll just join! Be spontaneous! Imagine the delight this would bring into his caring animal loving eyes.

    I was the second person he’d convinced all day. He was ever so pleased. He deserved it, he tried very very hard. Meaning i was quiet and awkward so he had to talk a lot. Then he talked about how he talks too He made cute jokes, showed me a picture of one of his ‘best friends’, a sympathy evoking baby chimp. Ok ok he probably knows i joined just because he was cute. That’s probably why he targeted me instead of the other guy walking next to me! And then i was like “OKthanksbye! (can’t believe i just did that – didn’t realise how shallow i am!)” and turned to run away and he’s all oh wait! Thanks so much you know it’s so great to have your support blah blah..can i have a hug? *swoon* Yes you can have a hug, can i have your number? lol.  No i didn’t really say that.

    Would you hug a stranger? He was so open and friendly i didn’t mind.  

    Oddly enough when i looked him up on facebook, his profile pic is of him on a boat…holding a fish…which he evidently just caught. lol.


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