Sex God – Rob Bell

Chapter 5.
Why is heartbreak so universal? Not just in the romantic sense. We’re feeling something God feels, something that is as old as time.

God made us with the freedom to choose…to love him or not to love him. (Some would say that’s hardly freedom when you go to hell if you choose not too love him..)

In genesis it says, god regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, his heart was deeply troubled. God took a risk in creating us, and his heart was (is) broken again and again.
Love is handing your heart to someone and risking that they will give it back.
When we love we give the other person in the relationship the power, to accept or reject. Love is giving up control.
We have to surrender all the desires within us to manipulate the relationship.

Then he goes into how god did this, how god showed us his love.

Jesus’ life was about stripping away control and power. Jesus always chooses the path of love not power, inclusion not exclusion, connection and solidarity rather than rank and hierarchy, compassion rather than control. This is what love does. Jesus threatens the power of the empire.

Often those in positions of power appear strong, but their rank can be taken away tomorrow. Often those who appear weak are actually strong, it takes great strength to turn the other cheek, but we appear weak by walking away. To pray for and love our enemies and persecutors.

If there is a god who loves us, and has acted in history to express that love, what would it look like?

A decision not to risk again, is a decision not to love again.
In matters of love, god has agreed to play by the same rules that we do. Love is risky for god too.


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