Psychology #2

Chapter: Positive Emotions – love.

It highlights the difference between love and limerence. The latter being a short term intense infatuation which we often call being in love. It has a strong element of fantasy in it, with the person being obsessed with their idea of the loved one. Spends a great deal of time thinking and daydreaming about them. It can be easy to make big commitements in this state, because they can’t imagine it ever being over. The most distinctive feature is that there is a great longing for the other person. Because of this, it is important that the person be unreachable in some way. Otherwise the emotion is unlikely to last very long. Parental opposition is an example of how the other person is seen as unreachable.
When two people in limerence spend a lot of time together, the emotion dies away because it isn’t being fed by their longing for each other.
Sometimes when the limerence dies it is replaced by a deeper kind of love, which forms the basis of a long term relationship. And other times…well. lol.


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