As a nurse i spend 4 weeks a year of my working life doing nightshift. My favourite thing about it is that the patients are a lot quiter. Obviously on the whole i’d rather they weren’t there at all but every job has its downsides.

During the day i try to nap as much as possible, of course by nap i mean go lie on my bed, shut my eyes, and inevitably end up thinking about all the things i could be doing…
and then get up again, feeling slightly annoyed but convincing myself it was worth it because at least my body rested. lol.
About 6pm with my evening meal i start dosing up on the stimulants – coke, coffee, chocolate, Woolworth’s ‘no doze’ pills, red bull, whatever gets the eyes popping.
At 4am everyone starts complaining of feeling sick – the sleep deprivation and poor diet all seem to sink in then. Lucky we are all well situated to find suitable medications to cure our ailments hehe.
7am is far more becoming of me…i see all the tired looking nurses coming in to start their shift and know that i get to go home and sleeep, and that perks me right up 😀
I go home and have breakfast, sleep, wake up, look at the clock and be like ELEVEN AM?!?! I have been awake for too many hours already why aren’t i asleep now! GO TO SLEEP WOMAN! Lay there for a while in my silent anger. Begrudgingly get up and have some more breakfast. It is my comfort food. Then sleep again, and as soon as i wake up, obsessivly count and re count the number of hours of sleep i got. Then go to work again, and we all brag about our hours of sleep, lol.

So really night shift is not as bad as you think! ..apart from the horrid diet, screwing up of body rhythms, and the feeling of entrapment when you go home in the morning and realise you have to go right back there that very same night.


About cornstalk
Corn. Singer. Nurse. Lover of music. Pursuing God (trying...). Secluded. Pianist. Wannabe gypsy. Silly.

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